Moroccan Mint Tea 

 May 1, 2023

The High Poor and Moroccan Mint Tea 

Why do they do it?

In Moroccan tradition, the height at which the tea is poured indicates the friendliness of the welcome. The higher the tea is poured, the more honored and appreciated the guest is considered. Even the offering of a glass of green tea with mint symbolizes friendship, welcome, and hospitality.

Moroccan Mint Tea Leaves

Moroccans serve mint tea, also called Maghrebi, three times without changing the tea leaves. The famous saying goes, "The first glass is as gentle as life; the second is as strong as love; the third is as bitter as death."

This tea is a huge part of our culture and everyday life. During the traditional tea ceremony, the tea is prepared in the presence of the guests. Once the tea is ready, the teapot, a bowl of honey, and decorative glasses will be placed on a silver serving tray. The tea will then be poured at least one foot above the glasses. This tradition is an art in itself and one that will be experienced on your tour with us!

Come as a guest, leave as our friend!

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